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Meet Libby, your new OverDrive app

Libby, a new app developed by OverDrive, will go live on June 20th to replace the OverDrive Media Console app that you may be accustomed to using to download eBooks and audio books.…


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What's in a vernal pool? - Nature Club recap

Last week during our river and pond program, we had the chance to look at some pond-loving minibeasts in a microscope.  Here is some of what we found:

A copepod is a tiny crustacean (like crabs, lobsters, and pillbugs).  This type is called Cyclops because of its one eye.…


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Summer Reading Begins

Registration for the Harrison County Public Library 2017 Summer Reading Program "Build a Better World" begins Wednesday, May 24.  The free program runs from May 24 to July 31.

Children of all ages can register at any HCPL branch location or online at the library website ; The program begins May 24 but members can sign up anytime during the summer.

Children will also be able to register for story hours and craft…


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Shakespeare Club Canceled

Shakespeare Club on Thursday 5/11/17 has been canceled.  Reschedule is pending.

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Birding at the library?! - Nature Club Recap

There are more than books at the library!  Just this week we have seen:

Yellow Warbler

Song: Sweet sweet little-more-sweet!

Freshly arrived from Central America as of this Monday!  This handsome gentleman likes to hang out in the big…


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What's Blooming Now? - Hayswood Nature Reserve

The following pictures were taken April 14th on the woodland trail at Hayswood Park.

Drooping trillium, Trillium flexipes

Note the three unmottled leaves and the white, stalked flower with curled-back petals.…


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What's Blooming Now? (Woodland Edition)

Want to learn your wildflowers?  Read on for some ID tips.  The following photos were taken March 31-April 2, 2017.  Disclaimer: I am not a real botanist but I like to pretend.

Virginia bluebells, Mertensia virginica

What to look for: This one's pretty straightforward.  Large, bell-shaped flowers changing from pink to blue as…


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Frogs and Toads of Harrison County - Nature Club Recap

This Thursday in Nature Club we learned about the frogs and toads that live in Harrison County.  Here's a bit of trivia for you:  all toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads.  Read on to learn how to identify them.  There aren't too many, so it's not hard to…


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OverDrive’s top titles for Teen Tech Week

During Teen Tech Week from March 5-11, libraries showcase the digital resources and services available to help teens succeed in school and prepare for college and career. The 2017 Teen Tech Week theme, “Be the Source of Change,” encourages teens to take advantage of digital resources to make a positive change in their life and community. Based on feedback from librarians, starred reviews and popularity rank in schools, we have…


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Adult Winter Reading Program begins Feb. 6th

The 2017 Winter Reading Programs will kick off on Monday, February 6th. A link to register will be available on the Harrison County Public Library's web site, or you can register during your next library visit at any branch.

  • Any adult (18 years and older) with a valid HCPL card is eligible to…

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Free Tax Help

VITA Locations

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, sponsored by Community Action of Southern Indiana, is providing free tax preparation by IRS-certified volunteers for individuals and families that earned less than $54,000 in 2016.  To schedule an appointment at any of these locations, call 812-590-4064.  Please refer to the IRS's website to make sure…


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Sign up for Spring Children's Programming!

Our Spring Children's Programs are live on the blog and ready for sign-ups.  We have programs for children of all ages, from newborns through 18.  You can sign up in person at any library branch, online on our website, or by calling the library at 812-738-4110.  Check out our …


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2016 Tax Forms Have Arrived!

The 2016 tax forms have finally arrived at the library!

Here is what they have or are sending us:



IT-40 Booklets (forms included inside)



1040 Forms and Instructions (1040 Istructions have not yet arrived!)

1040-A Forms and Instructions

1040-EZ Forms and Instructions


You can print out your own tax forms at home by going to …


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31 Days of Mango

Start off your New Year's Resolutions with learn a language in 31 Days (or at least the basics) using Mango Languages in the Library eResources  They even have a schedule to get you started.…


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Afterschool Crafts - Gingerbread Houses

The kids had a blast decorating graham cracker gingerbread houses for Afterschool Crafts this year.  A big thanks to our Teen Activity Group for building the houses!

Check out their finished works of art in our online…


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20 things to do in a blanket fort this winter

Cooler temperatures and holiday time off makes the last month of 2016 the perfect time to revisit a favorite childhood project: the blanket fort. Whether you use your dining room table, sofa cushions, high back chairs, or something more elaborate, try these 20 suggestions once settled in your fuzzy igloo.

1. Eat one last slice of pie.…


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Have you done your homework, voters?

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8 from 6 AM to 6 PM.  To find your polling place and preview who's on your ballot, visit Indiana Voters.  You can also view sample ballots on the Harrison County Government's website. …


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Spiderweb Cupcakes from Afterschool Crafts

This month in Afterschool Crafts we made some creepy spiderweb cupcakes.

These are simple to make at home.  Bake your cupcakes according to package directions.  While they are baking, melt some almond bark in a sandwich baggie in the microwave, then cut a little hole in the corner of the bag to pipe out spiderwebs and spiders onto wax paper.  Use an M&M or…


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OverDrive picks: books that creeped us out as kids

Team OverDrive barely made it through September before plotting Halloween costumes, planning scary movie marathons, and placing holds on our favorite spooky tales. We love autumn and everything that comes with it. When the leaves start scuttling down the streets, it’s time to dig into suspenseful thrillers and ghastly tales. Halloween is the season’s crown…


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Nature Club - Spooky Spiders recap

This week in Nature Club we learned about some of the common spiders in Harrison County, then went on a spider hunt around the library buildings.

Orb-weavers build what you typically think of as a spider web--round with spiraled webbing.  They are docile, timid spiders with poor vision.  Right now there are many spiderlings building tiny orb…


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