Birding at the library?! - Nature Club Recap

There are more than books at the library!  Just this week we have seen:

Yellow Warbler

Song: Sweet sweet little-more-sweet!

Freshly arrived from Central America as of this Monday!  This handsome gentleman likes to hang out in the big trees along the creek bank.  If you are lucky you can hear him singing from the library parking lot.

Warbling Vireo

Song: When I see you, I will seize you, and I'll squeeze you til you squirt!

This vireo also arrived from Central America this past weekend.  You can hear him singing around the end of Chestnut Street and Indian Creek Drive.

Eastern Kingbird

Song: Zeer, zeer, zeer! (like electricity jumping between wires)

This flycatcher has been using our electrical lines as a hunting perch, so you can spot him from your car if you hang around the parking lot for a little while.

Indigo Bunting

Song: Quick quick, fire fire, where where, here here!

The first of our buntings arrived around April 14th.  If you want to see one, check the tall weeds at the beginning of Indian Creek Trail.

Great Crested Flycatcher

Song: Weeeep!

This big flycatcher is just a little smaller than a robin.  He flutters softly in the tops of trees, reminiscent of a giant moth, as he catches insects.

Solitary Sandpiper

Call: Weet, weet!

A pair of these guys have been recently spotted in Indian Creek behind the Community Services building (visible from the library side).

Wilson's Snipe

Song: Jick jick jick jick jick!

Snipes are real!  Although we haven't seen them yet this week, several of them have been hanging out in Indian Creek this year.  Take a peek every time you're in the area--you might get lucky!

Here is our final bird count for our Nature Club walk:

14 species:

5 Turkey vulture

1 Mourning dove

10 Chimney swifts

1 Downy woodpecker

1 Pileated woodpecker

1 White-eyed vireo

2 Blue jay

2 Carolina wren

1 Blue-gray gnatcatcher

1 American robin

5 European starling

1 Warbler sp. (Couldn't hear it well.  Best guess--American redstart?)

3 Song sparrow

2 Northern cardinal

2 House sparrow

Nature Club, for children in 1st grade and up, meets monthly on Thursdays at 4 PM.  Visit this link to see our current schedule and sign up!

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