Build a Pinhole Projector - a safe alternative to eclipse glasses

A pinhole projector is the simplest and safest way to view the eclipse, and you probably already have the materials lying around your house!  Here are some examples of various styles you can put together.

Paper Plate Eclipse Viewer

(Image from

Materials needed: two paper plates (or pieces of cardstock).  If you would like to create a sharper image, you can cut a small window in the top plate, cover it with tinfoil, and poke your pinhole in the foil instead of the plate.

Cereal Box Eclipse Viewer

(Image from University of Illinois)

Materials needed: Cereal box, packing tape to seal it, tinfoil, piece of scrap paper

Wrapping Paper Tube Eclipse Viewer

(Image from University of Illinois)

Materials needed: A long tube, cardboard and white paper to cap it, tin foil, tape

The longer the tube, the larger your image will be.  You can even tape two tubes together with duct tape.

Cardboard Box Eclipse Viewer 

Materials: Large cardboard box, duct tape to seal it, piece of white paper, tinfoil

If your box is too small to fit your head in, you can instead cut a small viewing window in the box, about 1" square, in either the side or the back end (same end as the pinhole).  Just make sure that your head does not block the light from the pinhole:

And if you don't have any, any materials at all?

Finger Pinhole Viewers

(image from

Materials: Just your hands!

A colander, gaps between tree leaves, and anything else that's making small patches of sunlight will also work.

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