ENNEMET wins the Harrison County Public Library Hunger Games Catching Fire Competition!

The Catching Fire Competition at the library was a success!  Eight tributes competed along with one scorekeeper.  Names and districts were decided by specific questions and quizzes. 

     Riemet from District 1 designed the best outfit for the Capitol Couture Contest.

     Ennemet from District 7 received the most points from the items collected in the Cornucopia.

     All tributes except one received full points for the Survival Taste Test.  (These tributes were hardy and had no problems eating hair, bones, flesh and more!)

     Oakkill from District 10 shot the furthest arrow with her alliance partner, Pat Daisy from District 4, shooting the next furthest helping them earn extra points through their alliance.

      Ennemet from Distict 7 outwitted everyone on the Catching Fire Quiz, with Eggplant-explode from District 12 finishing next. 

We lost 2 tributes (Runorchid from District 4 and T from District 13)  early in the session but they battled valiantly while they could.  (Panem picture from the biography Suzanne Collins by Kerrily Sapet.)


The Capitol Couture creativity was impressive!  Tributes designed individual costumes, based on their districts.


What creativity!

These tributes have a future in design! 

Congratulations to all tributes!Final Point Totals:

Ennemet, District 7:  217                        Winner!

Eggplant-explode, District 12:  183        2nd Place

Squashsquash, District 13:  154             3rd Place

Pat Daisy, District 4:  153                       So close!

Oakkill, District 10:  144

Riemet, District 1:  133

T, District 13:  72

Runorchid, District 4:  39

Scorekeeper:  Carlose Spicy Wiener

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