Flyriss Survives HCPL Teen Hunger Games!

     Last night our Teen Programs took on the Hunger Games.  To start, a Harrison County map was divided into 3 districts to imitate the country in Hunger Games, Panem, being divided into 13 districts.  Participants created Hunger Games names from a game found at the website. 

     The Tributes were Chunyum and LS from District 1, Linley and Chellemet from District 2, and Flyriss and JM from District 3.  The tributes from District 1 formed an alliance, Linley from District 2 and Flyriss from District 3 formed an alliance, and JM and Chellemet chose to compete individually.

    Points were gained in four events:  The Cornucopia, The Eating Challenge, Capital Couture, and Hunger Games Jeopardy.  If you had an alliance, your partner received half of your points as well as your own, however the ultimate goal is to have the most points and be the Survivor.

    The Cornucopia consisted of pictures of items that had to be grabbed one at a time. A scenario created by Gail Huitt, a reading consultant from Amity Middle School of Bethany, was used.  The tributes received points depending on the items that were collected and how well the items helped them survive.  If you had items such as a blanket, sheet, knife, sword, or water container you received more points over time because these items were used over and over for survival.  Chunyum received the most points in this area.

     During the Eating Challenge, tributes were blindfolded and picked up six individual food items that they could choose to try after they touched it and smelled the item.  To receive points the item had to be swallowed.  Our tributes were awesome, as some really had to choke down one particular item.  The tributes were allowed water and we did check for food allergies before they participated.  All tributes received full points and tried everything!  Way to go Tributes!

    While the contestants were waiting for their turn for the food challenge, they could work on Capital Couture.  They could choose a boy or girl and design a tribute costume for them.  Flyriss won this competition with an amazing costume.  Chellemet also came up with a great dress.                      


    The most points that could be gained were from Hunger Games Jeopardy that was shared with us from Adel Public Library.  It was an advantage to have read the book.  Teens were given the opportunity in the last month to have copies of The Hunger Games to read.  The categories were Katniss the Awesome, Welcome to Panem, Which District was That, In the Arena, and Tribute to the Tributes.  Category points were 20, 40, 60 80, or 100.  Flyriss was speedy on raising her hand and always had a correct answer. 

When time ran out and the points were tallied, Flyriss was the survivor!

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