Not suitable for today's children!

"Bluebeard" by Charles Perrault--"Beauty and the Beast" but with serial killers!  Read it here or ask at the Children's Desk for a copy in one of our fairy tale books.

"The Vampire" by Alexander Afansyev--This story begins when a young girl follows her fiance at night, only to find him in the church, eating dead bodies.  It only gets better from there.  Read it at the Main Branch in Alexander Afansyev's Russian Fairy Tales, A 398.209 AFA.

"The King of the Cats" (Scottish folktale)--Okay, so maybe it's not supposed to be scary, but this one gives me major creeps if only for the unanswered questions.  Can all cats talk and just choose not to?  Are there cat carpenters who build cat-sized coffins and cat preachers who give kitty sermons?  Are my cats secretly plotting against me?!  Read it here and make up your own mind (or check it out in A Young Folk's Shelf of Books at the Children's Department).

"Fitcher's Bird" by the Brothers Grimm--An even more disturbing variant on Bluebeard!

"The Girl With No Hands" by the Brothers Grimm--Be good, children, or your father will chop off your hands!

"How Some Children Played at Slaughtering" by the Brothers Grimm--This isn't a fairy tale, it's a police report!  WHAT?!  You mean people thought this was appropriate to read to children?  (Actually, no they didn't--the story was removed from Grimm's Fairy Tales in the second and all subsequent editions, so you don't need to worry about your kids stumbling upon it in the Fairy Tales section of the Children's Department.)

If you want to scar your children (or yourself) we have many Brothers Grimm stories upstairs in the Children's Department.

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