Out of what crypt they crawl, I cannot tell,
But every night I see the rubbery things,
Black, horned, and slender, with membraneous wings,
And tails that bear the bifid barb of hell.
They come in legions on the north wind’s swell,
With obscene clutch that titillates and stings,
Snatching me off on monstrous voyagings
To grey worlds hidden deep in nightmare’s well.

Over the jagged peaks of Thok they sweep,
Heedless of all the cries I try to make,
And down the nether pits to that foul lake
Where the puffed shoggoths splash in doubtful sleep.
But oh! If only they would make some sound,
Or wear a face where faces should be found!
--"Night-Gaunts" ("Fungi from Yuggoth" verse XX)

Illustration from osmatar.deviantart.com via lovecraft.wikia.com

In the mood for a scare?  You can read the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft online at hplovecraft.com or download them as a free eBook for Kindle or Nook at the Arkham Archivist.

If you're unfamiliar with Lovecraft and his cosmic horrors, here a few of my favorite stories to get you started:

The Call of Cthulhu--the first story in the Cthulhu mythos

The Dreams in the Witch House--A college student rents a creepy attic room in an old house and meets a little fellow named Brown Jenkins; horror ensues.  Do NOT read this before bed (or maybe ever, if you sleep in an attic.)

The Dunwich Horror--In which we learn of the unspeakable genealogy of the Whately family.

The Whisperer in Darkness--A man in a rural farmhouse makes contact with fungoid aliens.  Do they really come in peace?

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