If you have used Libby recently, you’ve likely noticed that she received some fancy upgrades. When opening up the app, you’ll find Libby’s face in the top right corner, representing the options menu. Tapping that icon enables you to switch and add libraries and library cards. It also lets you select your reading options and, under “Explore the app…”, offers the ability to Learn Libby. When you tap Learn Libby, you’ll be taken to the brand new Libby Academy.

The Libby Academy is designed to highlight features within the app through quick training videos. Each video is 20-40 seconds long and walks you through the simple steps of performing actions like returning books early, streaming borrowed books, and setting the sleep timer for audio books. They are designed to help you get the most out of your digital library and their Libby experience. You’ll also find a featured Libby Academy video at the top of the options menu. A new video is added to the Libby Academy when a new version is released.

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