Solar Eclipse Glasses recalled on Amazon

This is a human eye with a permanently burned retina.

If you look at the eclipse without proper protection, it could soon be yours.  Are you paying attention yet?  (Picture from Oregon Health and Science University)

If you ordered solar eclipse glasses from Amazon, please check your email!  Many of the glasses have been recalled for not providing proof of ISO certification.  (However, the legitimate companies Agena AstroProducts, Lunt Solar Systems, and Orion Telescopes were also caught up in the recall, so if you have products from one of those three, you don't need to worry.)  If you ordered your glasses on, you should be aware that there may have been fake products sold on the Walmart marketplace as well.  Here is a video from Good Morning America about the danger of using fake eclipse glasses.  Even if your glasses appear to be nice and dark, you can't tell if they are blocking out all the UV radiation they should be.  There are no pain receptors in the back of your eyes--you will not feel your retinas being burned!  It may be long after the eclipse before you realize that you've caused permanent damage to your vision.

Once again, here is the American Astronomical Society's current list of reputable companies and sellers of solar products.

And remember, you DON'T need to have your own individual pair of solar glasses to enjoy the eclipse--it is safer (and cheaper!) to use a pinhole projector.

Edit--Here is how to tell if your American Paper Optics glasses are legitimate.  Image is from American Paper Optics.  Please visit their website to get more information.

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