Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes from Afterschool Crafts

Check out the mini Thanksgiving dinner cupcakes that our Afterschool Crafts group decorated!

Dinner Plate=shortbread cookie, with your choice of colored frosting

Turkey=Brach's Maple Nut Candy, sliced

Gravy=Melted chocolate

Green beans=Long green sprinkles

Peas=Round green sprinkles

Cranberry sauce=Round red sprinkles

Mashed potatoes=White icing

Butter=Yellow icing

Of course, you don't have to stick to a Thanksgiving theme.  You can also make Christmas cupcakes, like this marshmallow snowman with a chocolate face:

Or you can just keep piling on the sugar!

You can check out all the awesome cupcakes here in our Photo Album.

Afterschool Crafts is a craft, art, and cooking program for children in grades 4 and up.  It meets monthly at the Main Branch of HCPL, on Thursdays at 4 PM.  You can view and sign up for upcoming programs in our Events section.

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