The IRS Explains Physical Tax Form Reductions

"As you most likely have experienced, the demand for printed products has been decreasing each year. Therefore, we are reducing the number of products offered through the program this year for the following reasons:

  • Only 9 out of every 100 taxpayers prepared their 2013 tax return using IRS paper tax forms.
  • This change supports one of our primary goals which is for taxpayers to file electronically using IRS Free File, at resulting in more accurate returns and faster refunds. However, if taxpayers still need forms, instructions, and publications we encourage them to visit where they are all available any time of day.
  • To support the IRS's Web-first service approach we continue to expand and improve self-service options available to taxpayers on including forms and publication pages, theIRS Tax Map and the 
    Interactive Tax Assistant which asks users questions and provides tax law answers. 

We hope you will continue to support us by offering available products to taxpayers unable to access We've modified our product offerings to meet the needs of non-business filers including many who will be filing for the health care premium tax credit."

Text emailed to the Harrison County Public Library from the IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program.


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